When Anthony Maatouk decides to build himself a personal GT-R street car.

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Anthony Maatouk, owner of Maatouk’s Racing, has been pumping out mega powered GT-Rs for a few years now, so, when Anthony decides to finally build himself a street car, what does he build? This R34 GT-R is the answer. Custom Bodyworks covered the R34 with one of the best paint jobs we’ve ever seen. It’s set to get a custom interior and a 7-second street car package. Would you expect anything less from the VLGOD?

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ERUBISU is Back! but things have changed. VR38 powered R34 GT-R monster.

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After a period of hibernation, Erubisu is back, but things have changed. Although we built the car as our own project car with support and help from our sponsors and friends, Gup from Powercruise owned the car. Well, the car has a new owner now, Shannon, the original owner of STKNG. Being a long time Maatouk’s customer, Shannon opted to have Anthony and his team continue where out left off. The mechanical side of the car has remained relatively unchanged for now but Shannon decide to give the car his own touches in the looks department. The green wrap is gone and replaced with red, but not before filling up the holes for the exhaust and putting a factory wing back on. Why fill the holes for the exhausts? Shannon has already registered the car and it will be street driven.

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In the Build – Motorsports Mechanical monster billet block R32 with twin high mounts and sequential!


There not doing things by halves over at Motorsports Mechanical in 2017. This car is being built for a customer and is a monster! Billet block with twin Precision high mount turbos, the same as Mick Mansour’s personal car, but those uses a sequential transmission instead of an auto. The goal is to take the manual record at Cootamudnra at this year’s GT-R Challenge.




2017 Drag Battle Preview – Redsun Motorsport – Sponsor of 4CYL 2WD Category

Redsun Thumb

After many years attending as a spectator, Matt Hanslow from Redsun Motorsport has decided to get off the bench and into the game for the 2017 Tuners Edge Drag Battle. Not only will he brining cars, including his own, but this year Redsun Motorsport is sponsoring the 4CYL 2WD category, fitting, considering the cars they are brining and specialising.


Redsun Motorsport have worked on alms all of the Motive Garage project cars at one stage or another and JET200 is currently undergoing some further work and upgrades at the shop, preparing to lower lap times in 2017.

Check to the video below to find out more about Redsun Motorsport, what they specialise in and what they are bringing to the 2017 Tuners Edge Drag Battle at Cootamundra Aiport.

Motive DVD heading to 2017 Victorian Time Attack – April 7th

Vic Time Attack Banner 1

We are proud to announce that Motive DVD will be heading to Phillip Island on the 7th of April for the 2017 Victorian Time Attack, supported by Topstage Composites.

Vic Time Attack Banner

We will be providing various coverage of the event including:

  • Multiple Live Streams through out the day on Street FX Motorsports and Graphics Faebook Page – One of the world’s largest automotive FaceBook pages, with nearly 10 million likes.
  • Livestreams on Motive DVD Facebook Page
  • Post event highlights
  • Post event coverage feature
  • Various car features, including Matt Longhurst’s R34 GT-R
  • Various sponsor features, including Spec Performance with their army of GT-Rs and new NSX
  • Event photos and updates both and and post event.

It will be fantastic to provide the event, and the sport of time attack, with increased exposure in 2017. We look forward to showcasing it not just to an Australian audience, but a global one thanks to our partners at StreetFX – Andrew Hawkins, Motive DVD

ts fdrx7 (1)

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Project Budget Track Hack hits the track again – Whiteline Twilight Rally Sprint


Looking a little better with gold wheel and matching panels, our Project Budget Track Hack hit the track again, but sporting some new tyres this time. We were meant to do our tyre test at Wakefield first, but the weatherman didn’t agree with us, so that video is coming soon. The Whiteline Twilight Rally Sprint is held at Sydney Dragway and is some of the most fun you can have in a car. Check out the video to see why and how our little bargain went.

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2017 Motive DVD Drag Battle and GT-R Challenge Preview – Precision Automotive Racing


Precision Automotive Racing have been attending the Motive DVD Drag Battle and GT-R Challenge at Cootamundra Airport for 5 years. They started with high powered Evos and now have added their R35 GT-R to the leaderboards coming 4th in 2016, and taking to the Ultimate Street Car award. In 2017 they return as event sponsor again, and also, increasing the field and range of cars they are bringing. Check to the workshop preview video below to find out more:

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2017 Motive Drag Battle Preview – Build2Race


Like many workshops who attend the Motive DVD Drag Battle and GT-R Challenge for the first time, Build2Race got hooked and are coming back the second time bigger and better. For 2017, Build2Race are sponsoring the V8 Category and are bring a handful of monster cars, with great variety, including Supra, 2JZ-GTE powered Silvia, R32 GT-R to hunt the H-Pattern record and more! Check out the video below:

Although Build2Race have been quiet in terms of advertising and social media, behind the scenes they have been busy churning out high powered street cars and their workshop is always n the go. Word of mouth helped them grow but now they are looking to take things even further. A look at the photos below will show you just how serious the guys at Build2Race are.

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2017 Drag Battle Preview – Ichiban – Sponsors of the 4 CYL AWD Category.


If you watch Mighty Car Mods, or are into Subarus, there is a fair chance you’ve heard of Ichiban. If you’re neither of those, then you might remember the bean-flicking Toaster they raced at last year’s Drag Battle at Cootamundra. Well, they had so much fun that this year they decided to sponsor the 4-cylinder AWD class at this year’s Motive DVD Drag Battle. We headed down to their shop to check out what they bringing along this year and like most Ichiban days, ended in skids. 4WD skids that is.

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Motorsports Mechanical return as naming right sponsor for 2017 Motive DVD GT-R Challenge.


2017 GT-R Challenge Logo Stacked

We are proud to announce that Motorsports Mechanical have returned as the naming right sponsor of the 2017 Motive DVD GT-R Challenge, held at Cootamundra Airport. Motorsports Mechanical are a one stop performance that can do everything from servicing, to upgrades, tuning or build you an all out GT-R Monster. We visited their shop to see what’s happening and we weren’t disappointed, with some monster GTR builds on the go! Check out the video to see them.

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Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera – Edizione Tecnica 50th Anniversary


We might specialise in performance imports here at Motive DVD, but everyone loves Supercars. Go on. Admit it. You do. And when given the chance to drive, film or shoot them we usually don’t say no. Once of our close friends owns this very rare Lamborghini Gallardo and we got the chance to get up close and personal and have a video coming soon.

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Motive DVD 2016 – Our biggest year yet! A look back before we move forward.


What a year 2016 was! Most people say it, but we certainly mean it, it was our biggest yet in every way. We want to take this chance to thank all of our viewers and fans as well as the companies and workshops that support us, not just with advertising, but with both project cars and the events we do as well. Without support we can’t do what we do, and your help has helped make 2016 our biggest and aiming for an even bigger 2017. Firstly, here are a few stats to give you an idea:

Youtube videos uploaded:    144 

YouTube Video Views:    4.6 million   ( Up from 1.8million in 2015)

New Subscribers:    29,701    ( Lost 3,000)

Total Subscribers:    53,411    ( Doubled in 2016)

Project Cars Worked On:    6    ( Up from 3 )

Events Held:    3    ( Up from 1 )

Facebook Likes:    34,500    ( Up from 19,000 )

Although on DVD physical sales are no longer our primary focus, sales in 2016 were up from 2015 and the addition of being able to purchase them on Youtube helped expand the reach of Motive issues also. Overall our long term goal is to make Motive DVD free, but we can’t do this until our Youtube views get closer to 4 million a month, rather than 4 million a year. A while off yet, but we will get there, and everyone’s support in buying DVDs, sharing videos on Facebook and attending our events all helps.

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