Building on the success of the Motive DVD Drag Battle and GT-R Challenge at Cootamundra Airport, combined with the growing popularity of roll racing in QLD and in the USA, we are proud to announce the Motive Half Mile, being held at Stanthorpe Airport on Saturday October 1st 2016. The event will combine roll racing over 400m and 800m as well as some standing half mile attempts to invited guests.

Motive Half Mile Flyer Low Res


The event will consist primarily or roll racing racing over 400m and 800m. Runs will not be timed, but a top speed will be recorded using laser timing equipment. Races will start between 60-80km/h inside the designated start zone using a green light. Certain cars will be invited to partake in the standing half mile timed shootout, using GPS timing equipment. Check out our test day here:

*Please note that running your car over 800m involves higher speeds than the quarter mile which places extra stress on your cars engine and brakes. Your car will also suffer from increases aero effects which may effect handling. Motorsport is dangerous and entry is at your own risk.

Categories and Trophies will be awarded for:

Fastest 4-CYL 2WD

Fastest 6-CYL 2WD

Fastest V8

Fatest Rotary

Fastest 4-CYL AWD

Fastest 6-CYL AWD

400m Roll Racing Shootout Winner

800m Roll Racing Shootout Winner

Quickest 4WD Standing Half Mile

Quickest 2WD Standing Half Mile



Friday 30th September

1300-1700 – Accreditation scrutineering and interviews

Saturday 1st October

0700 Gates will open for entrants to sign on, get scrutineered and set up their pit area.

0830-0900 – Compulsory Driver’s Briefing

0900 – Gates open to Motive Customer Guest Pass holders

0900-1100 – 400m Roll Racing Practice ( Can grudge your friends too)

1100-1300 – 800m Roll Racing Practice

1300-1345 – Lunch break

1345-1430 – Standing Half Mile  – By Invitation

1430-1530 – 400m Roll Racing Shootout

1530-1630 – 800m Roll Racing Shootout

1630-1645 – Grudge Racing

1645-1700 – Trophy Presentation

1700-1900 – Pack Up



The Motive Half Mile is for all types road registered cars are running on radial tyres. 4-cylinder turbos to GT-Rs, XR6 turbos, old school and new school V8s and everything in between.  For 800m racing cars must run a minimum of factory sized brakes, although upgraded brakes are recommended. Any unregistered cars or cars running smaller than factory brakes need to be approved by Motive DVD staff.

Cars will be required to pass a safety check which will include:

  • Battery secure
  • Working seatbelt.  4-point harness required for 800m runs. “Supercars” exempt from this rule
  • Fire extinguisher fitted
  • Radial tyres in good condition with sufficient tread
  • Working brake system with no leaks
  • Primary and secondary bonnet latch (factory is classed as both)
  • Front windscreen has no cracks or damage
  • Securely fitted panel work, bodykit and aero
  • No oil or water leaks
  • Convertibles must have a roll bar for 0-400m runs and a hard top for 800m runs.
  • Any custom hot rods must be approved
  • Any major chassis modifications, such as mini tubs, tubs, 4-link rear ends etc must be either engineered or approved by event staff.
  • Valid driver’s license or ADNRA/CAMS competition license.


The first round of entries will be by invitation only. If you would like to apply to enter, simply email a picture of your car with specs and power listed to:

Cars will be selected on merit based on previous ETs and MPH, previous racing results, power levels and “entertainment” factor. There will be a total of 50 spots available.

The event is now open for entries. The entry form can be downloaded here:


Please fill out the form and full and send to: along with payment details to secure your entry. Please also provide a photo of the car for our reference.


Car Entry – $150

Pit Crew – $30       (Maximum 5)

Mega Pack – $250 ( Entry, 5 pit crew, Event T-Shirt and Event DVD)


Due to insurance and council regulations, the event is technically a non-spectator event and is run as a film shoot. We are, however, allowed to invite Motive DVD customers to view the day as our VIP Guests.

Motive DVD Guest Passes will be available for $50 per person and limited to 100 tickets.

The link to buy tickets will only be sent to customers who have purchased items from the Motive DVD online store here: ONLINE STORE CLICK HERE

If you have purchased from our store, or purchased directly from our trade stand before and do not receive an email of the link. Send proof of purchase to: and we will send you a link.

Tickets will not be available at the venue.


Stanthorpe Airport is 5 minutes North of Stanthorpe. Simply take the turn-off opposite the McDonalds just before coming into town. Stanthorpe is approximately 2.5 hours from Brisbane and 3 hours from the Gold Coast. The town has plenty of accommodation, restaurants, parts stores, supermarkets and service stations. E85 is not available so competitors must bring their own.

Please note that no spectator vehicles will be allowed inside the airport and there is no set-up shaded or seated viewing areas. You can bring your own fold out chair and can bring your own food and drinks, although no alcohol is allowed. Marquees may be set-up the pit area and middle viewing area, however, no marquees can bought to the startling viewing area. Access to the viewing area will be during scheduled times only.

Smoking is not permitted inside the aerodrome. There will be a designated smoking area i the carpark. Anyone found littering will be removed from the event.