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Motive DVD is happy to announce that the dates have been locked in for the 2018 GT-R Challenge and Drag Battle event for April. The actual dates will only be made known to approved entrants. The GT-R Challenge sees the fastest and most powerful GT-Rs in the country come together, while the Drag Battle sees the quickest and fastest import street cars, incl Silvias, Evolution Lancers, Skylines and WRXs, plus an array of highly modified hi-tech street cars, converge to battle it out on the runway over two days for the title of Australia’s fastest true hi-tech street car.

2017 saw huge growth in entrants, VIP guests and coverage. The event was so big it was split into two DVDs, Motive DVD #30 and #31. We also bought over 1320 Video again, thanks to Turbosmart, to cover various parts of the event, giving us global reach for the event. Our new partnership with StreetFX also boosted this ever further again, with well over 10 million video views from online features.

For 2018 we are looking at switching from DVD production to making all of the content free online on our Youtube channel, or a combination of free and paid on our channel. TBA

2018 will see a slight change to the format

Friday – Sign-on, scrutineering, photos and practice. Track open all day with timing

Saturday – Morning is solo runs. Afternoon is Drag Battle Shootout and grudge runs

 Ultimate Street Car

2018 will see the “Ultimate Street Car” award continue. All cars wishing to enter will meet at a pre-organised location on the Friday and drive together to Cootamundra.  Tyres are permitted to be changed from street tyres to drag radials as this is common practice when going to the dragstrip or other forms of racing. The winner is the quickest car that also is able to exit the venue under its own power with no major mechanical issue.



  • Quickest GT-R (GT-R Challenge)
  • Quickest 4-cylinder all-wheel drive
  • Quickest 4-cylinder/2-rotor 2WD
  • Quickest 6-cylinder/3-rotor 2WD
  • Quickest 6-CYL AWD (Non GT-R)
  • Quickest V8
  • Drag Battle RWD winner
  • Drag Battle GT-R winner
  • Drag Battle AWD winner
  • Outright Drag Battle Winner


  • Ultimate Street Car – For a car that drivers to Cootamundra, race and drives home. Also must have a working radio, heater/aircon system and a full interior and a roll cage MUST be engineered.
  • Motive DVD Choice – A car we like. Why? Because we said so.
  • 1320Video Choice – A car they like. Why? Because we said so.


Workshops will no longer be able to be the naming right sponsor of the GT-R Challenge or Drag Battle.Only parts brand or suppliers can.

Workshops are able to sponsor individual categories within the GT-R Challenge and Drag Battle. There are various packages available that can include tickets, entries and preview videos of your workshop. Enquire at: andrew@jetmultimedia.com.au


Although the event is a private film shoot and not open to spectators, we will be offering a small amount of “behind-the-scenes” passes to loyal Motive DVD customers. Info on how to purchase and the cost will only be sent out to existing Motive DVD online store customers via email.  There will be one day and two day passes available this year. We will be sending out invitations in the first week of February. Make sure you have purchased something from out store if you don’t want to miss out.


To enter the 2018 GT-R Challenge and Drag Battle, interested car owners must first meet the below criteria, then send an email to us with a picture of their car, plus a time slip and dyno graph. If approved, we will then send back the details of the event, including the date, timings, costs and logistics.


PLEASE NOTE** – Meeting the cut-off criteria does NOT guarantee you a spot. Last year we have had over 200 applications for 50 spots.  They are chosen based on:

  • Previous event support
  • Entertainment factor for Motive DVD viewers
  • Fitting the allocation for each category
  • Performance criterai

The event is being held in at the start of April, although the exact dates will not be made public. For insurance reasons, all pit crew must sign a waiver and pay an administration fee to cover security and cleaning costs. No spectators are allowed.

Send an email to apply to: info@jetmultimedia.com.au


In 2018 we will be capping the event at 60 entrants with the following breakdownn

– Maximum 30 GT-Rs

– 6 x 4CYL AWD

– 6 x 4CYL AWD

– 6 x  6CYL 2WD

– 5 x V8

– 7 x Special Interest Vehicles

Entries will NOT be held until an entry form is completed and paid.


The event is for post-1988 cars, with the exception being Japanese cars with post-88 model engines. For example, 13B in RX-3 or SR20 in Datsun 1600.

Please bare in mind that the minimum requirements do NOT guarantee and entry, only that your entry will be placed into the pending list and compared to other applicants.

**Motive DVD reserves the right to accept special vehicles of interest that do not meet the 9-second cut off


– Car must be registered. An online check will be performed on arrival

– Full interior trim unless you have a roll cage. Cars with roll cage can trim or remove pieces of the  interior for fitment reasons but the following items are COMPULSORY:

  • Driver and passenger seat with seat belts or harnesses
  • Complete dashboard. Either factory with glove box, or custom full length dash that would be considered an acceptable replacement in pre 1989 cars.
  • Door trims
  • Centre console (unless not fitted factory)
  • Carpet from under the seats forward (front cabin of car)
  • Gear lever surrounds
  • Rear view mirror
  • Working drivers window

– Car must have an exhaust system that exits out of the rear bar, or inline with the rear bar if an opening isn’t present. Some exhaust gas must pass through this section of exhaust. Flapper valves or secondary exhaust that direct air to a “dump pipe” under the car are permitted. Side pipes are not permitted and any outlet must not be visible from looking at the car.

  • Screamer pipe location is free

– Car must run side view mirrors, unless not fitted from factory

– Car must have window wipers fitted on the front windscreen

– The following items must work:

  • Indicators front and rear
  • tail lights and brake lights
  • headlights, although one can be removed for cold air intake.
  • front windows

RADIAL TYRES ( treaded or not treaded, street legal or not, doesn’t matter. Just radial )

– Run on petroleum fuel or ethanol/petroleum blend. No methanol based fuels. All fuel will be tested at the event.

– Nitrous is allowed.

– The metalwork of the monocoque chassis must not be cut or modified except for:

  • To fit intercooler pipes, intercooler and cooling system in front of car
  • Holes to fit fuel lines in and out of boot
  • Gearbox tunnel for fitment of larger gearbox
  • mini tubs that do not go any further than the chassis rail on the rear. Must use same suspension layout as factory. Restricted to a 305mm tyre
  • Old school cars that have tubs further than chassis rails and aftermarket 4-link suspension can apply to enter and will be judged based on the street use of the car and will be limited to a 275mm width tyre for parity reasons.
  • front “mini-tub” is allowed but position of shock tower can not change
  • Spare wheel well can be cut out but can not be left open. Must have fuel system or new false floor.
  • Metalwork on outer guards is permitted for flaring and widebody

– The following lightweight replacement panels are permitted:

  • Bonnet
  • Bootlid
  • Front and rear guards (inner metalwork must remain)
  • Carbon/fibreglass doors. As long as required interior trim is inside. Please note f you have lightweight doors you MUST have side intrusion bars in your roll cage.

– Lexan side and rear windows are permitted. Front window must be glass

– Engine conversions are permitted as long as they fit within the factory engine bay and a bonnet fits with minimal modification.

– Must use original rear suspension layout. IRS stay IRS and live rear end remain live rear end. 4-links can not extend past original suspension area. Pick up points can be modified, but factory suspension layout and subframe must remain.

– Driver must wear helmet, long sleeve shirt and pants and enclosed shoes.

– 4-point harness is recommended although not compulsory

– Driver MUST have a valid driver’s license or ANDRA license

– Car MUST be equipped with a TOW POINT front and rear to allow recovery vehicles to flat tow

– Cars MUST be equipped with a fire extinguisher

** We will have an official adjudicator and scrutineers for 2017 to check all cars comply with the rules. Any cars who do not pass will be exempt from competition.

If you have any questions or queries, or want a modification approved, contact:



  • There will be three different categories:
    • 4-Cylinder All Wheel Drive
    • GT-R
    • 2WD
  • There will be a chicago shootout between the winners of each category to determine overall winner
  • Pairings will be determined by pulling names from a hat.This will be done during the lunch break.
  • Racing is by elimination in each round.
  • All classes will run in each round before going to the next round
  • All cars must run enough fuel to complete the entire Drag Battle Shootout. Refuelling is NOT permitted.
  • Cars can not return to their pit between rounds. You can check data, tyre pressures etc while lined up at the bottom of the thrash pad but can not refuel.
  • There will be a 5 minute break before the finals of each category.
  • There will be a 5 minute

Jason launch with smoke


– NO filming or photos are allowed at the event by entrants, crew or Motive VIP guests. Any one found doing so will be removed from the coverage and banned from future events

– Approved entrants are NOT to make the event dates or details public

– The GT-R Challenge and Drag Battle are NOT events. They are run and insured as a PRIVATE FILM SHOOT. Any abusive or bad behaviour will not be tolerated. Drivers are resposnsible for their crew

– Motive VIP guest passes will be viable to existing Motive DVD customers. A limit of 100 will be sold.

– Drivers, crew and Motive VIP guestsMUST sign an indemnity and talent release before entering the airport. You enter and compete AT YOUR OWN RISK

– All drivers and crew must make themselves available for photography and filming. This is a condition of entry and must sign a talent release form.


The event is not only great fun and a chance to unleash the full potential of your car in a much more relaxed and open environment, but also provides great exposure for workshops and competitor sponsors.

Name Model Workshop Quickest ET Highest MPH Records
Anthony Maoutk/Nader Nader R32 Skyline GT-R KING32 Maatouk’s Racing 8.462 177.16 Quickest GT-R/Outright
Robert Marjan R32 Skyline GT-R JUN II Croydon Racing Develeopments 8.616 182.92 Fastest GT-R/Outright
Ibby Hawshar R32 Skyline GT-R TKNOVR Maatouk’s Racing 8.828 164.84
Nick Klitsas R32 Skyline GT-R Maatouk’s Racing 8.872 167.29
Rodney Hill R32 Skyline GT-R Birrong Automotive 8.932 163.63
Jacob Gatt R32 Skyline GT-R ARSONL Maatouk’s Racing 8.947 161.86
Aaaron McGranahan Nissan R35 GT-R RBLOL Precision Automotive Racing 9.005 165.43 Quickest & Fastest R35
Anthony Maatouk R32 GT-R Maatouk’s Racing 9.048 158.45
John Apostolopoulos R32 GT-R RH7 C&V 9.126 166.05
Trent Whyte R34 GT-R Mercury 9.27 162.987 Quickest Manual GT-R
Chris Skinner Nissan GT-R 1 GTR Croydon Racing Develeopments 9.306 156.25
Mohammed Khan R32 GT-R Maatouk’s Racing 9.311 165.44
John Apostolopoulos R32 Skyline GT-R RH7 C&V Performance 9.322 158.45
Daniel DiSano R32 Skyline GT-R MSMRH9 Motorsports Mechanical 9.334 154.10 Quickest H-Pattern GT-R
Glen El-Helou R32 Skyline GT-R GTR28L Croydon Racing Develeopments 9.402 164.23
Brednon Smith Nissan R35 GT-R GDZILA Precision Automotive Racing 9.403 150.00
Mick Mansour R33 Skyline GT-R Motorsport Mechanical 9.478 156.79
Jason Ruby S13 Silvia – AWD YUO530 Matt Sims Performance 9.507 157.34
Leigh Bird Impreza WRX LEE586 Deshele Performance 9.528 150.00 Quickest 4-CYL AWD
PauL Torony S13 Silvia – AWD Advance Motor Mechancis 9.569 163.63
Chris Thomson Nissan R35 GT-R 8MYCASH Willal Racing 9.570 167.28
Con Pilli R32 Skyline GT-R AKA747 Maatouk’s Racing 9.57 156.25
Michael Koval Evolution VI KOVAL Team Karam Racing 9.572 152.03 Quickest Evo
Nour El Jammas R32 Skyline GT-R WAR32R Jammas Autosports 9.589 151.52
Ibby Najjar R32 Skyline GT-R Maatouk’s Racing 9.608 150.00
Ali Kaddour Evo VIII CRD 9.62 158.44
Tristan Trics FORD CAPRI WILSON NITROUS 9.637 153.06 Quickest RWD/V8
Dennis Resi R32 GT-R Powertune 9.691 149.5
Dom Russo R34 Skyline GT-R WATEVA Maatouk’s Racing 9.708 152.02
Michael Maclean EVO IX Forbidden Motosport 9.747 149.01
Ryan Nichols Impreza WRX CMEON Deshele Performance 9.790 153.59
John Stavropolous R33 GT-R Trojan 9.793 150
Chris Vileski Toyota Lexen Quickbitz 9.8 161.86 Fastest RWD/Quickst 6CYL 2WD
Fred Karam/Nader Nader R32 Skyline GT-R HANIBL Team Karam Racing 9.816 155.70
Hamza Ghamrawi R33 GT-R JEM 9.884 148.51
Adam Neish R34 GT-R JEM 9.946 154.63
Chea Suthrea Evo IX Powertune 9.961 141.07
Rabee Mariam R32 Skyline GT-R SMD Workshop 9.961 149
Mushin Ali R33 GT-R JEM 9.994 135.14
Alex Rusu R32 Skyline GT-R 10.025 141.06
Hamza Ghamrawi R34 Skyline GT-R Just Engine Management 10.034 146.11
Matt Baxter Evolution VIII MR BY22VS Mick’s Motorsport 10.098 151.00
Beau Von Stieglitz R32 Skyline GT-R Croydon Racing Develeopments 10.123 152.54
Alex Rusu R32 Skyline GT-R GTR94Z B2R Motorsports 10.125 150.00
Mick Baghdadi Evolution VIII Mick’s Motorsport 10.132 155.18
Benny Tran Toyota TR2 BYP 10.134 152.55 Quickst 4 CYL RWD
Ben Mejlak R34 Skyline GT-R 34BOSS Import Parts and Mechanical 10.186 149.00
Ali Nasser R33 GT-R SMD 10.2 129.31
Chris Kouri R33 Skyline GT-R KLR33R Maatouk’s Racing 10.206 151.00
Domenic Rigilio WRX Sti Rigoli 10.242 140.63
Michael Cosantzis R33 GT-R CRD 10.3 142.3
Anthony Nguyen R34 GT-R Powertune 10.4 148.8
Riccardo Sannio R33 GT-R JEM 10.416 144.7
Scott Diver Subaru Forester ICHI8N Ichiban Performance 10.428 138.88
Stephen Aravopoulos WRX Sti Ver 5 Advance Motor Mechanics 10.446 138.03
Domenic Russio R32 GT-R Autostyle 10.5 145.08
Andrew Hawkins R32 GT-R CRD 10.521 134.73
Jason Kenny VN Commodore 10.571 150
Sam Boghini R33 Skyline GT-R GTR098 Precision Automotive Racing 10.574 147.53
Gordon R32 GT-R Mercury 10.577 135.14
Luke Beech WRX Sti 4GKLR Ichiban Imports 10.59 141.95
Jason Ruby S13 – 2WD 10.596 147.06
Jim Assaad Evo Wagon 10.597 141.96
Max Meiers R32 SKYLINE GT-R POWERTUNE 10.62 131.57
Daniel Matwijow Evo VIII Tufftune 10.626 141.51
Joe Jeri Capri 10.661 156.25
Jason Hoang S15 Silvia Advance Motor Mechanics 10.749 140.63
Brad Frost R33 Skyline GT-R 10.757 129.68
Mark Axisa S13 Silvia 10.768 141.5
Chris Furuhulia VL Turbo 10.811 137.61
Ninos Tammos 180SX Advance Motor Mechanics 10.843 144.69
Herman Urriola R33 GT-R Envy Dyno 10.869 135.27
Michael Collins Evo VIII MR Precision Automotive 10.874 143.77
Chris Mullins R32 Skyline GT-R 90GODZ Maatouk’s racing 10.913 139.31
Paul Torony S13 Silvia Advance Motor Mechanics 10.977 148.03
Mitch Smith Commodore Ute Streamline 10.985 149.99
Anthony Hanania FPV F6 SLY310 Hon Tune 10.989 151.51
Edgar Pereira R33 Skyline GT-R 10SGTR JEM 11.002 146.11
Emmanuel Dalakakis Jeep Modern Muscle 11.012 135.14
Dean Vandorakis R33 SKYLINE GT-R MOTORSPORT MECHANICAL 11.022 148.51
Manos Xiras S13 Silvia Advance Motor Mechanics 11.06 137.62
Charles Warland DATSUN 260Z GT AUTO GARAGE 11.144 131.97
Michael Baydon R33 GT-R JEM 11.166 132.28
Mick Baghdadi R33 Skyline GT-R Mick’s Motorsport 11.177 135.54
Mustafa Ahmed Toyota Supra 2JZ B2R Motorsports 11.180 150.50
Yoldas Guzel R33 GTS-t Advance Motor Mechanics 11.207 135.54
Marlon Vandine R33 SKYLIN JUST ENGINE MANAGEMENT 11.209 137.62
Tara Johnston Toyota Supra 1SUPRA Next Level Motorsport 11.210 134.72
Matt Sims VL Turbo 11.228 135.015
Nemz Lozo FPV F6 NIZPRO 11.235 150
Steve Benz R32 GT-R CRD 11.244 129.33
Mamoon Ahmad R32 GT-R JEM 11.254 128.22
Jason D’Ambra Commodore JET38T Advance Motor Mechanics 11.279 137.19
Paul Barret R35 GT-R CRD 11.3 124
Scott Munday Toyota Supra Tuff Tune 11.304 132.75
Matty D’Maria R32 GT-R CRD 11.328 127.85
Domenic Russo Evo VI Autostyle 11.351 133.25
Con Spyropoulos R33 GTS-t Trojan 11.377 128.44
Kai Smith Toyota Supra SUPRARZ Next Level Motorsport 11.381 138.88
Nathan Ghosn FORD CAPRI BIG H RACING 11.386 128.56
Nick Dekantios VL Turbo 11.398 130.43
Mitch Smith R34 Skyline Haltech 11.41 142.86
JJ Zelder S15 Silvia R26 Maatouk’s Racing 11.450 137.61
Angus Button Honda NSX V&E Rigoli 11.5 121.4
Jason Carlow FPV F6 BATEMAN MOTORSPORT 11.508 135.54
Khaled Salameh R34 SKYLINE GT-R MOTORSPORT MECHANICAL 11.54 134.72
Hamid Mansour S15 Silvia MSM187 Motorsports Mechanical 11.578 145.16
Katrina Lawlor R32 GT-R CRD 11.598 127.85
Andre Forner R33 GT-R CRD 11.6 126.75
Gulic Djordje S15 SMD Workshop 11.608 136.36
Scott Munday XR6 Turbo Tuff Tune 11.625 135.915
Athur Manidis Mazda RX-7 Tuners Edge 11.639 140.18
Jason Carlow XR6 Turbo Bateman Motorsport 11.64 135.13
Stewart Tinson S15 Silvia Powertune 11.658 138.03
Anthony Iannelli Holden Commodore BXC76G Jake’s Performance 11.660 132.36
David Hennessy R33 Skyline JEM 11.679 133.14
Craig Eveleigh Cortina Yatla Headworx 11.68 148.52
Omar El-Cheikh R34 GT-R CRD 11.7 124.5
Steve Petalotis S15 Silvia Powertune 11.7 134.3
Matthew Eacott Toyota Supra MTT91 Next Level Motorsport 11.717 136.95
Manos Xiros S13 Silvia Advance Motor Mechanics 11.719 137.2
George Drivas Evo IX CRD 11.759 125.34
John Stavropoulos R33 GTS-t Trojan 11.76 133.9
Ender Esenyel S13 Silvia ESLOCO JDM Industries 11.785 147.53
Adam Neish AE86 JEM 11.851 134.32
Joey Digirolamo R35 GT-R Envy Dyno 11.851 122.55
Domenic Russo R34 GT-R Autostlye 11.864 138.03
Roby Mounfield R34 Skyline Mounfield Motorsport 11.875 133.92
Sutheara Chea S14 Silvia Powertune 11.9 137.8
Sam Constandinov Mazda RX-7 11.916 130.43
Adam Toretto BMW S1000RR 11.917 131.58
Brock Dickinson VL Commodore Mercury Motorsport 11.96 130.06
Milan Karajic XF FALCON MICK’S MOTORSPORT 11.979 141.06
Kaan Acikel S14 Silvia SPL2ND Motorsports Mechanical 11.983 138.46
Peter Hanania R33 Skyline GTS-25t FRI33D Motorsports Mechanical 12.012 140.62
Stephen Samuels VL Calais SMD Workshop 12.063 134.32
Brendan Lee Nissan 18)SX DBZ37W Turbosmart 12.071 127.47
Hassan Ghamwari VL-R VLR747 JEM 12.082 132.75
Ali Marjan R35 GT-R CRD 12.1 122.7
Nick Nikolas R34 GT-R CRD 12.1 117.7
Sam Samuels VL COMMODORE ? 12.164 131.2
Clayton Cosgrove R34 GT-R JW Automotive 12.169 138
Stephen Aravopoulos Sti Advance 12.18 117.21
Alex Cirtoski R32 GT-R Birrong 12.192 115.234
Akram Najjar Nissan S14 Silvia B2R Motorsport 12.217 141.50
Ben Perry Evo VII 12.22 115.68
Scott Bryant Datsun 120Y 12.255 117.49
Morgan Newton Ford Mustang NO XQS ProFile Autosports 12.294 127.11
Robert Marjan R34 GT-R CRD 12.3 117.5
Dale Mulej Nissan S13 Silvia 9SCNDSR Midnight Motorsports 12.445 121.29
Ali Iftialz Fareez R32 Skyline GT-R ALLWAR Maatouk’s Racing 12.657 123.28
Tim Papsavva LANCER GSR SMT GARAGE 12.69 126.4
Nathan Ross Toyota Supra ESP 12.839 125
Mouhy Sari Evolution VIII MR TIITAN Mick’s Motorsport 12.865 127.12
Benny Tran S2000 BYP 13.031 119.37
David Brealey R34 GT-R Envy Dyno 13.18 104.65
Dustin Page Toyota Supra 13.266 118.579

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