2017 Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge – Practice Day


It may have only been the practice day for the 2017 Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge, but there was already plenty of action as teams get ready for an all out assault on this year’s leaderboard. There was plenty of drama today too with Chris Alexander’s R32 Skyline and Paul McKinnon’s Porsche both catching fire and now out of contention. There was a the usual hive of activity at the end of the day with engines out, heads off, gearboxes out and modifications to aero and set-ups. Andy Forrest from Scotland was all smiles though, with his answer to any work needing to be done overnight being “we need to replace a piece of race tape under there and that’s about it”.


Last year’s winner, the MCA S13 Silvia, has a new aero look, but many still know it as the Hammerhead. Tim Slade is back behind the wheel and keep to stay in the number 1 spot.


Previous three-time winner, Garth Walden, is competing in Open Class this year in the Royal Purple Evo from New Zealand.


Last year’s Open Class winner is also in the Royal Purple camp. We will be putting together a documentary following the entire Royal Purple team so keep your eyes out for that video not long after WTAC.


The Audi R8 1:1 from Europe looks and sounds mental.


Spitting flames and making all sorts of noise was the 3-Rotor Racing/Link ECU RX-7 from New Zealand.


The legendary Mighty Mouse is having “one last crack” as the car is set to be retired this year after competing in every Superlap and WTAC since the beginning in 2008. That’s 10 events!


Jason Wright returns in the Autotech “Hulk” this year in Pro Am.


If Satan drove a rotary, this is how it would sound! The legendary Mazda 787 after its ground up rebuild. Mental!


The drifters had a quick practice this afternoon as well. Crowd favourite, Mad Mike, returns.


We’ve seen VR38’s into other cars, but an RB into a R35? Who cares, Darren Kelly’s car from New Zealand┬ábakes tires and sounds awesome.


With possible rain on Saturday predicted, Friday morning is looking like the best session to crack a quick time, so expect the heavy hitters to be going hard out of the gates. See you there!





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