Open for Business! New Motive and Jet Multimedia HQ and Jet Studios Grand Opening


If you have been following out Facebook page you may have noticed that we’ve been building a new Motive HQ over the last few months and we’ve now had our grand opening.


We started Jet Multimedia, a video production company, and Motive DVD at the start of 2009 and the business has mostly operated from home during that time. We had the business plan to set up a studio designed for automotive, along with a HQ for Jet Multimedia and Motive DVD, as far back as 2011 but it has taken some time for things to fall into place to allow us to afford the massive expansion. And now we are proud to announce the opening of Jet Studios.


The centre piece is our infinity wall or cylcorama studio. This studio will be open for dry hire to clients in 2 hour, 4 hour and 8 hour blocks. Clients can also hire our lighting equipment, camera equipment and Jet Multimedia staff if need be, allowing us to do entire projects from start to finish.


Not hard to make a car look epic in a studio. This is straight off the camera.

2X7A9947The cyclorama isn’t just for cars though, with fashion shoots, product shoots and anything that fits being able to be shot. 2X7A9896

Mel and Nicole joined us at our grand opening so we could do some live shoots so people could see the studio in action, and to showcase Jet Studios.


Everyone’s a pro photographer with a smart phone 🙂


Opposite the cyclorama is our “Garage Studio” which makes a great blank canvas, or clean look, to a garage look photo shoot. It is all on wheels so can be moved around, or totally moved out when the cyclorama is in use. The tool cabinets aren’t fake either, with plenty of tools and detailing equipment which come in very handy when shooting cars, once again, helping Jet Studios be a specialist automotive studio.


Having two studio options gives customers/clients multiple layout options for shoots. The Garage studio is great for interviews, car features, DIY videos and install and tech videos. It is easily configurable and easy to decorate to give different looks.  There is also a couch, round table, kitchen and bathroom downstairs for clients to use while hiring the studio.


There is also a Motive DVD shopfront on arrival with our products and DVDs on display including DVDs, shirts, headlight and key rings. We also have a PPG GT-R sequential gearbox in display at the moment too.


For the grand opening we invited some friends and partners from in the automotive end media industry.


I think they are stunned from being on the other side of the camera for once.


Reunions, stories and laughs. Dom, Tim, Kosta and Jerry are all long time friend’s of Andrew’s in the car scene since the early 2000s.


Matthew Evringham might have had a night off to socialise but still needed to snap a selfie.


Long time Motive DVD staffer, Ben Tyson, in story telling mode with Brett Hobson, driver of the GT-R Nismo GT3 from Hobson Motorsport.


Follow Jet Studios on Facebook as car photoshoot packages are announced and to check out their shoots.




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