Meguiars Motor Ex 2017


Meguiars MotorEx is the largest indoor car show in the country, and also considered the most prestiges. Our parent company, Jet Multimedia, was hired to film for MotorEx, but we were also invited to have a Motive DVD display and bring some cars which would help add some variety to the show.


We bought 8 cars in total, including our main long term project car, JET200. The VE conversion is almost complete so we can hit the track again in September.


Our R32 GT-RE project car was also on display, along with our latest project car, Shane’s Lexus IS200.


Adding some top level Motorsport to our stand was the Hobson Motorsport GT-R Nismo GT3. Expect a lot more in the future between Motive DVD and Hobson Motorsport.


Precision Automotive Racing bought along one of their 8-second R35 package equipped GT-Rs, adding some drag racing flavour to the mix.


And we bought along Dom’s 1100hp R34 GT-R with sequential transmission, made famous by a variety of Youtube videos this year.


We also had Dale’s ex-SuperGT S15 Silvia on our stand as well. Its not very often you get to see Motorsport history like this parked alongside current GT3 machines.


Melissa Grace paid us a visit during the show and added some more style to the set-up.


The guys at Macarthur Nissan also bought along this brand new MY17 R35 GT-R to put on our stand. The new model certainly looks meaner and the interior is a big improvement. We will be working with Macarthur Nissan to do some reviews on the MY17 soon.


MotorEx had some great variety and the Liberty Walk stand was busy all weekend. The full size and mini-me size both capturing lots of attention.


John Saad, of FATRX3 fame, debuted his latest creation. A XY Falcon with a Sonny Race Engine in it! Mental!


Brian Bugh’s 2WD R35 GT-R Time Attack car was on display in a “in the build” state.


Our friend Rob from Rides by Kam had his latest creation on display, also “in the build” in bare metal.


Mark’s SUBLIME S15 is a timeless build and still holds it own today. Hotrod meets import meets street machine.


Anthony Maatouk’s new personal GT-R was also on display. The exterior bodywork and interior is done. It just needs its running gear……and some new wheels…..and its good to go.


The variety at Motor Ex is great and perfect place to appreciate a little bit of everything.


We had the GoPro out for some behind the scenes which you can check out in our new VLOG series below:

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