Machina Magica GT-R Restoration Specialists

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This year the GT-R restoration experts Machina Magica are returning as sponsors of the Show & Shine event. They definitely know how to restore a GT-R to pristine condition, having worked exclusively on R32 to R35 GT-Rs. They will be judging the Show & Shine trophies at this years event.
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One of Machina Magica’s Directors, Tim Trezise explained the difference between restoration work and a panel shop:
           “Whereas many people had mates that could spray in panel shops, the difference between a             traditional panel shop repair, or respray, job and a restoration job is quite radical. Panel                     shops are typically geared to get the work in and out quickly, as space and time are at a                   premium. Their whole business model is based on cutting time and therefore cost to them               to make a profit out of typically insurance jobs. This is the exact opposite of restoration          shops.”
Machina Magica have facilities that are able to expertly cater for many restoration projects, and operate on a unique business model where the customer has full control by nominating how many hours worth of work they want completed each month with a minimum requirement of two hours per month.
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They also inspect cars for potential purchasers. Just recently they assisted a potential purchaser by conducting a pre-purchase inspection and valuation of a rare R32 GT-R. The inspection revealed more than even the current owner was aware of, despite him being the first owner in Australia since 2006 and having carried out an inspection at time of purchase. The final sale price exactly reflected Machina Magica’s valuation, and resulted in a happy new owner and appreciative seller.
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We look forward to having their expertise on hand for the Show & Shine at the 2017 Nitto GT-R Festival. Check out there website at and follow their Facebook page.

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