R32 Ducted Headlight – Now in Production and ready to buy

Ducted headlight ad

We are proud to announce our newly designed R32 Skyline ducted headlight. Perfect for modified Skylines as the vent allows cold air into the engine bay and feeds straight to the pod filter. Highly beneficial for performance in such a tight engine bay that suffers from heat soak. Unlike other vented headlight ducts, it has a park and head light. The outer ring is the park light, and the inner light is headlight. Our design comes with plugs that connect straight to the factory wiring loom.

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The brackets provided allow some adjustment to make it sit how you want. We offer a fibreglass and carbon fibre version. We can also have your headlight painted in a factory GT-R colour, meaning less work and you can bolt it straight in on arrival.


*The first batch of 20 fibreglass headlights are due to arrive in our office on the 25th of May. Unpainted ones will be sent out on the 27th and painted ones on June 5th. Please allow 3-7 working days for deliveries after this date. Bathes of 20 will arrive every 2-3 weeks after this date. Please check with us if you want to confirm delivery date after order.

**Carbon headlights are by order only and take 3-4 weeks to arrive at our office before being sent out.

***Please note, these headlights are not legally tested or authorised for road use by any governing bodies. For racing use only.



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