ERUBISU is Back! but things have changed. VR38 powered R34 GT-R monster.

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After a period of hibernation, Erubisu is back, but things have changed. Although we built the car as our own project car with support and help from our sponsors and friends, Gup from Powercruise owned the car. Well, the car has a new owner now, Shannon, the original owner of STKNG. Being a long time Maatouk’s customer, Shannon opted to have Anthony and his team continue where out left off. The mechanical side of the car has remained relatively unchanged for now but Shannon decide to give the car his own touches in the looks department. The green wrap is gone and replaced with red, but not before filling up the holes for the exhaust and putting a factory wing back on. Why fill the holes for the exhausts? Shannon has already registered the car and it will be street driven.

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Before the hibernation period, we organised a Willal Racing built engine for the car comprising of billet block and girdle, 4.4L billet stroker kit and all the fruit. A true monster engine to suit the car. This has now been installed and new larger rear housings are on the way for the Garrett GTX turbochargers Their position, along with the Turbosmart external waste gates, have been changed so that the car can now have a full exhaust system. Even better, this means the car now meets the rules for the Motive DVD GT-R Challenge and Drag Battle.

Although the car has changed owners, we will still be following the build in Motive Garage so you can follow the cars progress. We would also like to take this time to thank all of the companies and sponsors who helped get the car to where it is, the first VR38 converted R34 GT-R in the world using a custom 4WD set-up. If you watch back the build videos you will get a small taste of just how much work went into just getting the car to drive. We’re excited to see where Maatouk’s Racing takes the engine development side of things. Stay tuned.


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