2017 Drag Battle Preview – Redsun Motorsport – Sponsor of 4CYL 2WD Category

Redsun Thumb

After many years attending as a spectator, Matt Hanslow from Redsun Motorsport has decided to get off the bench and into the game for the 2017 Tuners Edge Drag Battle. Not only will he brining cars, including his own, but this year Redsun Motorsport is sponsoring the 4CYL 2WD category, fitting, considering the cars they are brining and specialising.


Redsun Motorsport have worked on alms all of the Motive Garage project cars at one stage or another and JET200 is currently undergoing some further work and upgrades at the shop, preparing to lower lap times in 2017.

Check to the video below to find out more about Redsun Motorsport, what they specialise in and what they are bringing to the 2017 Tuners Edge Drag Battle at Cootamundra Aiport.

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