Holden Releases VF Series II


Yeah, yeah. We know. Motive DVD is meant to be about performance imports. Don’t worry, it is still our focus, but there is nothing wrong with enjoying all sorts of cars. If its good, its good. Simple as that. We’re first to admit we have never liked Commodores until the VF was released, and thanks to Holden Australia, we’ve spent a lot of time in them, more specifically the SS range of VF Commodore. We have especially enjoyed the SSV Redline and Craig Lowndes edition, with Brembo brakes and improved suspension. You would be surprised how fun they really are. Want proof? Watch this video:

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Delivering GT-R Engines and Haulin’ the Troops – Holden Colorado Support Vehicle


When you need to deliver one of Nissan’s greatest engines of all time to Albins Transmission in Ballarat, what car do you use? A Holden of course. Once again, we would like to thank Holden Australia for supplying us with a support vehicle for the weekend of Round 1 of the Just Car Insurance Australian Drifting GP.




The turbo-diesel Colorado has proven to be a great support vehicle in 2015, regularly towing cars and equipment with ease and this leather equipped crew-cab model was more of the same. It was used for staff and equipment transport throughout the weekend of ADGP and to deliver a VR38 engine to Albins Transmission in Ballarat so they can start development of the VR38 bell housing. The Colorado gave us the best of both worlds, being a comfortable troop hauler and a competent load carrier.

















Our RB26 Twins vs Single Mythbusted video has caused quite a bit of controversy. Many leading tuning shops, and even Garrett themselves, have praised the video for being one of the most comprehensive and well done turbo comparisons ever done. However, there are still people who want to start arguments and make some rather silly accusations. There are also plenty of legitimate questions being asked as well, so, we thought we would put together this “FAQAS”, or, Frequently Asked Questions and Statements, and go through each one in more detail to help put the arguments to bed.

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4-BANGERS! Engine Bays of Drag Battle Evo vs WRX

Motive DVD’s Just Car Insurance Drag Battle, held every year at Cootamundra Aiport, attracts the toughest street cars in Australia. Tough cars means tough engine bays, so check out the 4-cylinder all wheel drives from the event. This one is for the Evo and WRX fans.

Ali Evo

One of the quickest Evo Lancers in Australia, Ali’s Croydon Racing Developments Built and Tuned machine makes over 900 all wheel horsepower!

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Tough Engine Bays! The 2 Wheel Drives of Motive DVD Drag Battle

The Just Car Insurance Drag Battle attracts the toughest street cars in the Australia. Tough cars usually mean tough engine bays, so, lets take a look at the 2WD category.

Joe Geri Capri

Joe Geri’s Capri might be old school, the the engine is new school with a quad-cam Lexus V8 under the hood! Two Garrett GT35 turbos enable it to make love 1000hp! The car has run in the low 8s at the strip and is a genuine street car.

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RB Eye Candy! The GT-R Engine Bays Of The Just Car Insurance GT-R Challenge

The Just Car Insurance GT-R Challenge, held every year at Cootamundra Airport, attracts some of the toughest street GT-Rs you’ll ever see! 1000hp and monster turbos is common place, but so is full interiors and radial tyres. Lets take a look at some of the GT-R engine bays. Pure RB eye-candy!

Clayton R34

Clayton Cosgrove’s R34 GT-R has run 9.0 with this RB30/26 and built auto combo. Monster precision turbo! Not hard to see why it makes over 1000whp

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Holden supports Just Car Insurance Drag Battle & GT-R Challenge

Running a film shoot on a  runway with 40 of the toughest cars in the country, over 300 crew and 30 staff isn’t easy. It requires lots of planning, equipment and support. For 2015, Holden Australia provided us with our official support vehicles, a 2015 Colorado Crew Cab and a Commodore Ute SS-V Redline.

Support Vehicles 2The SS-V Redline Ute was used for quick reaction, runway inspections and testing as well as general duties. And by test we mean exactly that, both the car and the timing equipment.

Commodore Ute run

A V-Box was installed in the car and checked against the laser timing equipment twice a day to make sure the accuracy is 100%. It was also used to check the runway for any debris and check the condition of the surface after any clean ups.

Although not in the same league as the cars competing, the SS-V Redline was still a load of fun on the runway, running a 13.9@102mph. Pretty good on the slippery surface. It’s also up for a little fun and it wouldn’t be a true Commodore Ute if it couldn’t rip a decent skid, which it most certainly could. After showing it’s capable of both work and play, it was nice to enjoy the SS-V Redline for the 400km cruise home, showing it can incorporate some comfort and luxury into its portfolio. It seems the SS-V Redline Ute really can be used for anything.

The VF Commodore still impresses us every time we drive it with handling, quality finish, style and comfort that puts it in another league to previous generations of Commodores. We’ll say it again, it’s a shame that now that Holden have finally got the Commodore right, they are ceasing production. Hopefully we can find a way to put one in our garage permanently before it’s too late!

Support Vehicles 1

The Colorado was a brilliant workhorse. Luckily, we had the automatic model, as it has more torque with 500NM, and really is the pick of the bunch. With 3500kg braked towing capacity and a total combined GVM of 6 tonnes, we decided to put that to the test with roughly a tonne of equipment in the tray and over 2.2 tonne worth of R32 GT-R and trailer up the back. We have tried this with some other top-dollar 4WD press vehicles in the past and were left un-impressed, preferring to use our Hyundai iLOAD, but the Colorado delivered. Literally!

Towing for the 800km round trip it didn’t skip a beat, able to sit on 110km/h ( more if you were that way inclined) the entire trip with ease. The cruise control was a little clumsy when loaded up, but with manual control over the gears and accelerator, hills didn’t bother the Colorado, nor the 60km of country back roads. In terms of towing stability, it was pretty good. Big winds upset it a couple of times on the way home, but how good a tow car performs is directly proportional to how relaxed you are while driving, and I was pretty relaxed in the Colorado. A nice surprise from towing with some other vehicles.

The Colorado was also used to lug equipment around the airport during set-up and pack-up as well as being used as a recovery vehicle during the event. All-wheel-drive and turbo diesel meant it had no problem towing cars back, either on the runway or the grass, weather it was wet or dry. The wet grass and mud patches around the airport in the morning didn’t bother it one bit.

A true workhorse the Colorado may be, but a good car needs to be comfortable when it’s not lugging equipment, and the Colorado proved its worth as a daily driver as well. No ute is ever going to match a regular passenger car, but the Colorado is a class leader in terms of ride and comfort compared to some of the “market leaders” in the 4WD Ute category, and was a nice surprise.

All up, the Colorado and SS-V Redline made a perfect combo as official support vehicles for the 2015 Just Car Insurance Drag Battle and GT-R Challenge at Cootamundra Airport. A big thank you to Holden Australia for their support and we look forward to using the vehicles at future events.

Make sure you had to their website for more information on the SS-V Redline and Colorado.









2015 Just Car Insurance Drag Battle and GT-R Challenge – Motive DVD #025 pre-order

The 2015 Just Car Insurance GT-R Challenge and Drag Battle, held at Cootamundra Airport, was big, badder and faster once again. Nearly 2 hours of action from the runway will be in Motive DVD #025. Ten 1000hp GT-Rs as well as everything from 9-second Evos, Supra, XR6 turbo, Silvias, Skylines, 1000hp twin turbo Ute and Capri and a whole lot more attacked the runway looking to be crowned Australia’s quickest street car, as well as compete in the Drag Battle and hit the thrash pad.

Will have dates for cinema screening later this week as well as tickets on sale. Also, we are only producing limited Blu Rays so be sure to pre-order to make sure you get one.

Pre-order DVD here:  CLICK HERE

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Motive 24 Front Cover

Motive DVD #24 is our Japan special, covering everything we saw and did on the 2015 DSport/Motive DVD Tokyo Autosalon Tour. There’s also car and event features from Oz as well! Features include:
– Massive Tokyo Autosalon coverage
– Top Secret visit
– Tomei Headquarters Tour
– D1GP demo round
– Nissan Heritage Museum
– Tokyo Culture and Partying
– RWB and Odaiba car meets
– Toyota Megaweb and History Museum
– Nissan Global HQ
– Up Garage HQ
– Northside Meets Latrobe University
– Sydney Jamboree
– Beau Yates Driver’s Video
– Nulon Nationals Round2 – Buladelah Hillclimb
– Nitto II – 8-second R32 GT-R on radials
– Bloopers and Credits





Drag Battle Logo

GT-R Challenge Logo

Since we started the Motive DVD Drag Battle and GT-R Challenge, it has grown every year in both size and speed. We have long had requests by Motive DVD fans to attend the event, however,  because it is run and insured as a private film shoot, we have not been able to have spectators before. We have also needed to keep results and media restricted to Motive DVDs and Motive social media.

We are excited to announce in 2015 that we will be allowing a select number of Motive DVD Guest attend the event!  You will need to get in quick as there are only 30 available.

Firstly, to be eligible for a Motive DVD Guest Pass you must be a Motive DVD Subscriber.

If you are not a subscriber, you can purchase your guest pass and subscription together here: 2015 DRAG BATTLE GUEST PASS & SUBSCRIPTION BUNDLE

If you are a subscriber, email info@jetmultimedia.com.au and we will organise your ticket for you.

GT-R skid

Before purchasing, please bare in mind that Cootamundra Airport is 4 hours drive from Sydney CBD and 5 hours drive from Melbourne CBD. There is limited parking and limited hotel availability. Ticket is valid for the Saturday of the event only. A shaded viewing area is provided, however,there is no seating provided.


Please note that Motive DVD Drag Battle is NOT an event.
It is a PRIVATE FILM SHOOT and as such, the airport is treated as a film set. This means you must obey and understand the following:

  • Follow all Motive DVD staff instructions
  • Filming take priority over any guest/crew entertainment/viewing
  • No results can be posted or discussed post event on social media
  • A waiver/indemnity must be signed before entering.
  • Understand that motorsport is dangerous and accidents can happen
  • Understand Cootamundra Airport is still an ACTIVE runway and we may need to vacate the runway airway in the event of an emergency landing.

Any breaches of these rules will lead to you being removed by security from the event and restricted from attending again in the future.