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Advanced Cinema Screening – 2014 Motive DVD Drag Battle and GT-R Challenge














Once again we are holding advanced cinema screenings in Sydney and Melbourne for the 2014 Motive DVD Drag Battle and GT-R Challenge, presented by Castrol Edge. The ticket includes a pre-order of Motive #21 on DVDE or Blu-Ray and adds $10 to the cost ( $5 over R.R.P.) and is a chance to meet some of the competitors and see the feature before anyone else in Australia.


The Brisbane screening will be held on Monday June 30th at the Eventcinemas at the Hyperplex in Loganholme. Meet form 7pm and the screening starts at 7pm sharp.


The Sydney Screening is on Tuesday July 1st at Hoyts Paris Cinema in the Entertainment Quarter. Meet and greet from 6.30pm with the screening starting at 7.15pm.


Tickets can be purchased from our online store: CLICK HERE

2014 Motive DVD Drag Battle and GT-R Challenge in Motive DVD #21- Now available for discounted pre-order in Blu Ray and DVD.

After a shuffled schedule, we are now putting the 2014 Motive DVD GT-R Challenge and Drag Battle, presented by Castrol Edge, into Motive DVD #21. You can pre-order the DVD and get a 33% discount and for the firs time, we are accepting pre-orders so we can do a limited batch of Blu Ray versions. We will also be organising a cinema screening in Sydney and Brisbane at the end of June. Tickets for this will include a DVD or Blu Ray, so if you want to come to the screening, hold out until the date are announced later this week.

To pre-order the DVD click here: MOTIVE DVD PRE-ORDER

To pre-order Blu Ray click here: MOTIVE DVD #21 BLU-RAY PRE ORDER

To celebrate the launch of this year’s event, we are offering some discounted bundle packs on previous events. Order them now and catch up on the action before watching this years DVD.


Motive 19 Front Cover Motive 16 black front cover website









2012 and 2013 events on Motive DVD #16 and #19. CLICK HERE TO BUY

Motive DVD #011 front cover Motive DVD #13 front cover









2010 and 2011 events on Motive DVD #11 and #13. CLICK HERE TO BUY



2014 Motive DVD Drag Battle and GT-R Challenge, presented by Castrol Edge

So the 6th Motive DVD GT-R Challenge and 5th Motive DVD Drag Battle, presented by Castrol Edge has been run and done. All we will say is this. Every record was broken and we had more 9-second cars this year than 10-second cars last year! I know you’re all dying to know some numbers, and we can’t give them away until the DVD is released, but I will say this, we did see not only one, but two 8-second cars and we saw over 170mph! Stay tuned for a quick teaser video this week and discounted pre-orders will start when the full preview video is released in a couple of weeks. We will also be holding cinema premieres in Sydney and Brisbane, and potentially more cities. Stay tuned.


GT-R skid logos

JET014 hands out 2


Dream Racing – 2013 Motive DVD SEMA Tour Coverage


You can do anything in Vegas. The hard part is choosing exactly what you want to do, but for car enthusiasts there is one easy choice. Dream Racing is the perfect name as it gives us two things we all want. Drive our dream car and drive it on a race track.  Based at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Dream Racing allows anyone to get behind the wheel of a super car on the safety of a racetrack. There are packages to suit any budget from a few laps in a GT-R, to more in an Aventador or a full experience in a Ferrari F430 GT race car! As part of our 2013 Motive DVD SEMA Tour, we organised a visit to Dream Racing. Being a group visit, we also got a group discount. Buying in bulk helps!

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Cars and Coffee – 2013 Motive DVD SEMA Tour Coverage

supra bbsWhilst on tour the Motive DVD SEMA Tour took time out for a coffee break at the weekly ‘Cars & Coffee’ meet in Irvine L.A. Cars & Coffee is held every Saturday morning kicking of at around 5am with a nice hot coffee and a stroll around to checkout some of the hottest, most expensive, & fastest cars in L.A! Not to mention cars not yet released to the public and cars so old that even your Grandfather hasn’t even heard of, With the car park empty again by 9am so the owners can still enjoy their saturday with the family.

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Lexus IS350 F Sport – New Car Review

Lexus under bridge 1

Thanks to Lexus Australia, we had the use of a Lexus IS350 F Sport for 3 weeks to review.  It was my first time driving a Lexus, and it certainly changed my perception of them. For day to day duties, the car was stunning. A luxurious experience, that keeps you cocooned from the outside world. But when driven through “The Nasho”, the new chassis showed its true colour, and was simply amazon. Sports car handling, in a family sedan. If you didn’t look behind you, you could swear your were in a  2-door GT of some type. We enjoyed our time with the car, and are looking forward to reviewing the new ISF. We have a full video review of the IS350 F Sport coming in Motive DVD #21.



2013 Motive DVD SEMA Tour – Part 2 – Los Angeles

Part 2 of our coverage of the 2013 Motive DVD SEMA Tour. This time we hit LA for the best its tuning scene and tourist spots have to offer. So much jammed into 5 days and so many good memories editing this video! Don’t forget, if you want in on this year’s tour, early bird pricing closes in 2 weeks! only $500 deposit required and pay it off by end of August. More info here: CLICK HERE