Dream Racing – 2013 Motive DVD SEMA Tour Coverage


You can do anything in Vegas. The hard part is choosing exactly what you want to do, but for car enthusiasts there is one easy choice. Dream Racing is the perfect name as it gives us two things we all want. Drive our dream car and drive it on a race track.  Based at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Dream Racing allows anyone to get behind the wheel of a super car on the safety of a racetrack. There are packages to suit any budget from a few laps in a GT-R, to more in an Aventador or a full experience in a Ferrari F430 GT race car! As part of our 2013 Motive DVD SEMA Tour, we organised a visit to Dream Racing. Being a group visit, we also got a group discount. Buying in bulk helps!

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Cars and Coffee – 2013 Motive DVD SEMA Tour Coverage

supra bbsWhilst on tour the Motive DVD SEMA Tour took time out for a coffee break at the weekly ‘Cars & Coffee’ meet in Irvine L.A. Cars & Coffee is held every Saturday morning kicking of at around 5am with a nice hot coffee and a stroll around to checkout some of the hottest, most expensive, & fastest cars in L.A! Not to mention cars not yet released to the public and cars so old that even your Grandfather hasn’t even heard of, With the car park empty again by 9am so the owners can still enjoy their saturday with the family.

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Lexus IS350 F Sport – New Car Review

Lexus under bridge 1

Thanks to Lexus Australia, we had the use of a Lexus IS350 F Sport for 3 weeks to review.  It was my first time driving a Lexus, and it certainly changed my perception of them. For day to day duties, the car was stunning. A luxurious experience, that keeps you cocooned from the outside world. But when driven through “The Nasho”, the new chassis showed its true colour, and was simply amazon. Sports car handling, in a family sedan. If you didn’t look behind you, you could swear your were in a  2-door GT of some type. We enjoyed our time with the car, and are looking forward to reviewing the new ISF. We have a full video review of the IS350 F Sport coming in Motive DVD #21.



2013 Motive DVD SEMA Tour – Part 2 – Los Angeles

Part 2 of our coverage of the 2013 Motive DVD SEMA Tour. This time we hit LA for the best its tuning scene and tourist spots have to offer. So much jammed into 5 days and so many good memories editing this video! Don’t forget, if you want in on this year’s tour, early bird pricing closes in 2 weeks! only $500 deposit required and pay it off by end of August. More info here: CLICK HERE


For Sydney Jamboree 2014, Motive DVD was asked to put together a drifting exhibition for some extra entertainment at Sydney Dragway. We teamed up with some of the best drifters in Australia and Just Car Insurance to put on a crazy show! We have a crazy video coming later in the week.

Click on the pic below for more coverage.


Photo credit to: Still Motion Media –  BC Photography – SLAM POKE TUCK DOPE

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Liberty Walk 458 caused a bit of a stir. Some purists hate it, while other enthusiast love it. We feel the latter, how about you?

Liberty Walk 458 caused a bit of a stir. Some purists hate it, while other enthusiast love it. We feel the latter, how about you?

SEMA is the world’s biggest car show, and on the bucket list for every modifier, and for good reason! It showcases the greatest products and cars in the US, and possibly the world. It is impossible to fathom just how big the event really is. You couldn’t see everything in the 4 days no matter how hard you tried! Hot girls, celebrities, freebies, industry parties at night and partying in Vegas makes the entire experience simply out of control! SEMA forms the basis of the Motive DVD SEMA Tour, but the show itself only makes up a small part of it. We have some video coverage of the show in Part 1 of our 2013 Motive DVD SEMA Tour coverage, but we also thought we would share a selection of photos from the event. Click on the above photo to see the full article.


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2014 Motive DVD SEMA/LA Tour NOW OPEN!

We are happy to announce that the 2014 Motive DVD SEMA/LA Tour details have been finalised and we have the first lot of coverage of last year’s tour. We will be releasing another video and more features over the next month. So, here is Part 1 of our video coverage!


We also have an article written by one of the tour guests will full coverage day by day here: CLICK HERE

And you can get al the details on this years trip here:  CLICK HERE

Sony Action Cam – Now $299 ! – Great for holidays as well as extreme sport and motorsport

With the release of the top of the line AS100V, the current AS30V is now available from Motive DVD for $299! This still includes the Handycam case and a free accessory! This is great value for money for what is a very capable camera with full HD and super slo-mo modes. Available from our online store here: CLICK HERE TO BUY

The Handycam LCD case also turns the Sony Action Cam into a handy cam that fits in your pocket! This combined with the waterproof case makes for a great camera to take on your next holiday to capture things you can’t with your conventional camera or phone. Here is some snippets we’ve taken on a  couple of recent trips.

New Top-Spec Sony Action Cam on the way – Move over GoPro!

The 2nd version of the Sony Action Cam, the HDR-AS30V, has had a big impact on the Action Cam/POV market. Sony quality and reliability in a package better priced than the other top-spec models, incl Go Pro Black, Drift Ghost and Contour +2. We have been marketing it as a equivalent to these cameras at up to $150 less!  Hard to argue that one. But what if a new Sony Action Cam came along that was priced the same as the other leading cameras, but with MORE features and better image quality? Well, that is about to happen with the launch of the new Sony HDR-AS100V.



The HDR-AS100V isn’t going to replace the current model, but rather sit above it in a new two-model line up. This means the current HDR-AS30V will be a competitor to cameras more like the GoPro White and Silver in pricing, but out performing them in feature and quality. Even better news is a price drop, effective immediately! The 30V will now have it’s retail price dropped from $379 to $329. Motive DVD are able to offer it at a crazy $299, and that still includes the LCD kit valued at $79 and a free accessory! You can go here to check it out and buy:


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Sony Action Cam recently became the official onboard camera of ADGP, and sponsor of our new upcoming TV show “ADGP Extra Action”. Furthering their involvement with drift, Sony and Motive DVD, a Sony Action Cam dealer, have chosen some drivers to be Sony Action Cam Ambassadors in 2014. With the launch of a new and improved Action Cam later this year, Sony and Motive DVD are excited about pushing further and harder into the motorsport market in Australia. The Ambassadors chosen so far are:

Sony  Action Cam - Daigo and Robbie

 D1GP, Formula D, TIDC and FD Asia Champion,  DAIGO SAITO and his Achilles Radial teammate ROBBIE NISHIDA

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