Build my bunny: Rocket Bunny specialists


There’s no denying Rocket Bunny-equipped cars have taken the world by storm lately with the brand now releasing more kits for more vehicles more frequently. What if we told you, that you could have your own car, or car of choice kitted out in full Rocket Bunny style, right here in New Zealand? Build my Bunny specialize in building Rocket Bunny vehicles from scratch, right here in Sydney.

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Shindo 400: sprint racing on another level


Shindo 400 are getting involved in the 2016 ST Hitec GT-R Festival and will have cars on display at the Prestige Motor Haus trade stand. Shindo 400 is a sprint racing event that brings together all sorts of exotics and high-performance cars in a street style racing format. Shindo 400 attract cars built to an insane quality, DJs, and trade stands. Not only that, they’ll have drift displays and a show and shine area. Knowing the Shindo team, there will be a huge amount of epic exotic goodness to look at!

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Prestige Motor Haus: PMH bring out the big guns!


Prestige Motor Haus have come on board this year as traders and sponsors at the 2016 ST Hitec GT-R Festival and they’re bringing along some big guns to show off at the event. Alongside their Shindo GT-R R34, they’ll be showcasing a fair few exotics that they have on offer, the most mental being their 2015 Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 that retails for $449,888 and packs a 5.2-litre V10!

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Nulon Oils TARMAC RALLY COURSE by RTDC at the 2016 GT-R Festival

NuloN Tarmac Rally Challenge

GT-Rs are the ultimate all rounder, able to attack the track, dragstrip, mountain pass or do the daily school run. We’ve built them and used them for everything, so, we needed some corners thrown into the 2016 ST Hitec GT-R Festival. Thanks to Nulon Oils and Road and Track Driver’s Club (RTDC) we have the Tarmac Rally Challenge. You can go on the attack and try and be the quickest, or just have some fun with your mate in the car. We’re sure there will be plenty of tyre frying launches. There is also a trophy and some prizes from Nulon and Motive DVD for the quickest time and most entertaining laps.

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NULON OILS Ultimate GT-R Competition at GT-R Festival.

Nulon Ultiamte GT-R

Nulon Oils are one of the biggest supporters of grass roots and club level motorsport in Australia and have been involved in all aspects of the modified car scene from street cars to time attack, to drift, and everything in between. As part of their support of the 2016 ST Hitec GT-R Festival, Nulon Oils is holding the Ultimate GT-R Competition. The premise is quite simple — they are looking for the best all round GT-R, and the winner will receive $500 and a year’s supply of free oil for their car!

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We’re proud to announce that international time attack racing hub have come on board with the ST Hitec GT-R Festival this year as sponsors of the Time Attack Racing category. With their knowledge of time attack specific vehicles, we’re excited to see which time attack, or street attack style Skyline comes out on top!

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Machina Magica sponsor Show and Shine category at 2016 ST Hitec GT-R Festival


We’re very proud to announce that Machina Magica, an NSW-based GT-R restoration company have come on board to sponsor the entire Show and Shine category. Machina Magica is a company solely based around GT-Rs and having them restored to their former glory, so we’re excited to have their knowledge base behind the show category.

Photos thanks to: Matt Tung-Yep at Godspeed photography.

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V-Spec Performance join 2016 ST Hitec GT-R Festival


We’re proud to announce that V-Spec Performance, a major GT-R player from Melbourne, have come on board as traders and supporting sponsors of the 2016 ST Hitec GT-R Festival. V-Spec Performance has one of the widest ranges of genuine Japanese aftermarket components out of anyone in Australia. With brands such as Nismo, Top Secret, Advan, Chargespeed, any anything else you can think of is all imported into their workshop in Melbourne, Victoria.

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Alpha Omega Racing support ST Hitec GT-R Festival

Alpha Omega

Australian tuning house and parts manufacturer Alpha Omega Racing are coming along to the ST Hitec GT-R Festival and are bringing along a bunch of parts to display and sell. Alpha Omega Racing specialize in performance parts for all of the popular tuning cars, but mainly Nissans and Mitsubishi Evos. Their online store has a wide range of performance upgrades for your GT-R, so check them out here.


ST Hitec become naming rights sponsors of GT-R Festival!

ST Hitec_42

By far the biggest announcement yet, ST Hitec, a New Zealand tuning company that specialises in Nissan Skylines and GT-Rs have come on board as naming rights sponsors of the 2016 GT-R Festival, making it the ST Hitec GT-R Festival! General Manager Stewart Mearns will be making the trip over to represent the business, as his engineering background, tuning knowledge, and Nissan knowledge can’t be beaten, thanks to an almost life-long commitment to the brand.

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Haltech come on board as Single Turbo Class sponsor at GT-R Festival


Haltech is a name that is known around the world for their world class ECU technology. You’ve also seen their ECUs in every single project car we’ve produced, so you know they’re a brand that gets in behind exciting ventures. We are proud to announce that Haltech is coming on board as sponsors of the Single Turbo Class (300–500kW) at the 2016 GT-R Festival. They will be offering a major prize pack for this, and two other categories at the event.

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GCG Turbochargers boost 2016 GT-R Festival into hyper speed!


For all of the low-mount turbo fans out there, GCG Turbos have come on board as the category sponsor for the Low-Mount Turbo class at this year’s GT-R Festival! GCG Turbochargers have been building the best turbo setups for GT-Rs since the beginning of time, whether they be single high-mounted units, or twins. They’ve even supplied every single turbo for our Motive DVD projects over the years, and you’ve seen the results for yourself.

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Turbosmart put up $1000 prize for quickest car at GT-R Festival!

IMG_1466That’s right, you read that correctly, Turbosmart have put up a MASSIVE $1000 prize for the fastest Skyline GT-R on the day at the 2016 GT-R Festival! Not only that, Turbosmart will have plenty of go-fast products up for sale at the Motive DVD stand, so if you’re after a deal, or need some spare parts, head to the Motive DVD stand to check it out.

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Motorsport Mechanical pumped for GT-R Festival

MSM Preview

After sponsoring the GT-R Challenge , held recently at Cootamundra Airport, and getting some great results, Mick and the guys at Motorsport Mechanical are pumped for the GT-R Festival. They will be bringing a total of seven awesome GT-Rs to race and display.


Mick’s personal, and shop demo, car will be ready with guns blazing, looking to go into the 8s and dominate the RH9 Class, which is for registered street cars that run into the 9s or better. With a sequential gearbox and approaching the 1000hp mark, it is a serious machine.

MM-11-of-40 We also heard rumours that Motorsport Mechanical will be debuting a new car for a veteran of the car scene……