World Time Attack Challenge 2015 – Motive DVD Highlights Video

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The 2015 Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge was simply mental! Everywhere you looked there was something awesome, from world class time attack cars, mental drift cars, old school legends, and drag monsters on track, to hot girls, trade stands, mad street cars and cool things to see and buy off track. As usual, we were there to soak it all up, race our cars and film the best action both on track, in the pits and behind the scenes.
Motive DVD 26 is the 2015 WTAC Specila Edition and we will have full coverage of the event, with multiple cameras on track, interviews and action in the pits, heaps of in-car cameras and all the off tracc action. we also follow our project car JET200 and how we went on the way to s-chassis record setting.

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M26 Preview

We have just opened pre-orders for Motive DVD #26, which will be the 2015 Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge Special Edition. Once again, we will take you behind the scenes with interviews with teams, heaps of onboard cameras and coverage of all the action on and off track.

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M26 blu ray preview

JET200 sets new Open Class S-Chassis Record – 1:33.798


We went to the 2015 World Time Attack Challenge with one goal, and one goal only, to break the current S-Chassis record in Open Class, which was held by the Sutton Brothers in their S15 from when they competed in Open Class in 2013 (under the old rules mind you) with a 1:34.275. Why is this record so important to us? We’ve wanted JET200 to stay a true Silvia that other Silvia owners can learn from, which the Open Class rules enforces.


JET200 had played dormant since last years event, and we only started work on the car 9 days before the event! We had to work hard on the Friday to get the car right ready for Saturday morning’s attempt and the hard work and all nighters paid off, with a 1:33798!

There is so much to the story and so many people to thank, and it’s all coming soon in a JET200  WTAC15 Documentary and some more Motive Garage features. Stay tuned.


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Holden Releases VF Series II


Yeah, yeah. We know. Motive DVD is meant to be about performance imports. Don’t worry, it is still our focus, but there is nothing wrong with enjoying all sorts of cars. If its good, its good. Simple as that. We’re first to admit we have never liked Commodores until the VF was released, and thanks to Holden Australia, we’ve spent a lot of time in them, more specifically the SS range of VF Commodore. We have especially enjoyed the SSV Redline and Craig Lowndes edition, with Brembo brakes and improved suspension. You would be surprised how fun they really are. Want proof? Watch this video:

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Delivering GT-R Engines and Haulin’ the Troops – Holden Colorado Support Vehicle


When you need to deliver one of Nissan’s greatest engines of all time to Albins Transmission in Ballarat, what car do you use? A Holden of course. Once again, we would like to thank Holden Australia for supplying us with a support vehicle for the weekend of Round 1 of the Just Car Insurance Australian Drifting GP.




The turbo-diesel Colorado has proven to be a great support vehicle in 2015, regularly towing cars and equipment with ease and this leather equipped crew-cab model was more of the same. It was used for staff and equipment transport throughout the weekend of ADGP and to deliver a VR38 engine to Albins Transmission in Ballarat so they can start development of the VR38 bell housing. The Colorado gave us the best of both worlds, being a comfortable troop hauler and a competent load carrier.

















Our RB26 Twins vs Single Mythbusted video has caused quite a bit of controversy. Many leading tuning shops, and even Garrett themselves, have praised the video for being one of the most comprehensive and well done turbo comparisons ever done. However, there are still people who want to start arguments and make some rather silly accusations. There are also plenty of legitimate questions being asked as well, so, we thought we would put together this “FAQAS”, or, Frequently Asked Questions and Statements, and go through each one in more detail to help put the arguments to bed.

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4-BANGERS! Engine Bays of Drag Battle Evo vs WRX

Motive DVD’s Just Car Insurance Drag Battle, held every year at Cootamundra Aiport, attracts the toughest street cars in Australia. Tough cars means tough engine bays, so check out the 4-cylinder all wheel drives from the event. This one is for the Evo and WRX fans.

Ali Evo

One of the quickest Evo Lancers in Australia, Ali’s Croydon Racing Developments Built and Tuned machine makes over 900 all wheel horsepower!

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Tough Engine Bays! The 2 Wheel Drives of Motive DVD Drag Battle

The Just Car Insurance Drag Battle attracts the toughest street cars in the Australia. Tough cars usually mean tough engine bays, so, lets take a look at the 2WD category.

Joe Geri Capri

Joe Geri’s Capri might be old school, the the engine is new school with a quad-cam Lexus V8 under the hood! Two Garrett GT35 turbos enable it to make love 1000hp! The car has run in the low 8s at the strip and is a genuine street car.

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RB Eye Candy! The GT-R Engine Bays Of The Just Car Insurance GT-R Challenge

The Just Car Insurance GT-R Challenge, held every year at Cootamundra Airport, attracts some of the toughest street GT-Rs you’ll ever see! 1000hp and monster turbos is common place, but so is full interiors and radial tyres. Lets take a look at some of the GT-R engine bays. Pure RB eye-candy!

Clayton R34

Clayton Cosgrove’s R34 GT-R has run 9.0 with this RB30/26 and built auto combo. Monster precision turbo! Not hard to see why it makes over 1000whp

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