ST Hitec GT-R Festival Heritage Display: part two


Following on from the 2016 ST Hitec GT-R Festival Heritage display part one article, we make our way into the R-chassis realm, starting off with the R32s present on the SAU NSW heritage display. With production numbers much higher than any other R-chassis model, there was most certainly going to be plenty on display. Not just your run of the mill examples either, these were all rare examples in their own right.

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New car in Motive Garage – Murdered Out Jeep Grand Cherokee – Pimp My Wife’s Ride

Jeep Thumb

Yep, we bought a Jeep! Cue the bigger boat, don’t hold back, watch the park brake and moose test comments! The WRX is gone and the new “Pimp my Wife’s Ride” vehicle is a Jeep Grand Cherokee. We must admit it was enjoyable to work on a totally different style of car , and for us, taking a different sort of modifying approach.

Subaru WRX STi gives simply epic lap of Isle or Man TT. Total commitment!


We will admit that Subaru WRXs have lost a big of their mojo over the years. They’ve been softened since the days of Colin McCrae in the GC8. But it watching this video doesn’t change your opinion of WRXs, nothing will. This is simply one of the most epic pieces of driving you will ever watch. The Isle of Man track has no room for margin of error and Mark Higgins drives it with total commitment. A huge set of balls AND some screws lose combined with incredible talent and track knowledge is what is needed to put down a lap like this. Turn the volume up and get it on the big screen!

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Nulon Oils Ultimate GT-R Competition



The Nulon Oils Ultimate GT-R competition is exactly that. It’s the hunt for the ultimate GT-R down the quarter mile, around our tarmac rally course, and it had to impress in one of the GT-R drag racing categories. One GT-R that managed to tick all the right boxes is Michael Hill’s R34 GT-R. Nulon Oils support grassroots motorsport around the country and had a $500 prize up for grabs for this category, along with a year’s supply of Nulon oil.

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ST Hitec GT-R FESTIVAL drag racing results



Once the rain died down at the 2016 ST Hitec GT-R Festival, the tractors were pulled out to dry the track and engines, gearboxes, and tyres were all warmed up for the action that was about to unfold. There were several drag racing classes on the day, including Stock class, Low-mount turbos, ‘Single Turbos’, ‘R35 Tuner’, Super Street, RH9, Radial Pro, R35 Pro, and an overall Top 10. So, who took out each one?

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2016 ST Hitec GT-R Festival overview


First off, we’d like to just say a huge thank you to everybody that came along to the first ever GT-R Festival, ST Hitec for coming on board as major sponsors, and all of our partners and trade supporters — the event was epic and you all helped make it that way. With over 200 Skyline GT-Rs in one place, regardless of the weather, it was always going to be special.

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Build my bunny: Rocket Bunny specialists


There’s no denying Rocket Bunny-equipped cars have taken the world by storm lately with the brand now releasing more kits for more vehicles more frequently. What if we told you, that you could have your own car, or car of choice kitted out in full Rocket Bunny style, right here in New Zealand? Build my Bunny specialize in building Rocket Bunny vehicles from scratch, right here in Sydney.

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Shindo 400: sprint racing on another level


Shindo 400 are getting involved in the 2016 ST Hitec GT-R Festival and will have cars on display at the Prestige Motor Haus trade stand. Shindo 400 is a sprint racing event that brings together all sorts of exotics and high-performance cars in a street style racing format. Shindo 400 attract cars built to an insane quality, DJs, and trade stands. Not only that, they’ll have drift displays and a show and shine area. Knowing the Shindo team, there will be a huge amount of epic exotic goodness to look at!

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