Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera – Edizione Tecnica 50th Anniversary


We might specialise in performance imports here at Motive DVD, but everyone loves Supercars. Go on. Admit it. You do. And when given the chance to drive, film or shoot them we usually don’t say no. Once of our close friends owns this very rare Lamborghini Gallardo and we got the chance to get up close and personal and have a video coming soon.

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Motive DVD 2016 – Our biggest year yet! A look back before we move forward.


What a year 2016 was! Most people say it, but we certainly mean it, it was our biggest yet in every way. We want to take this chance to thank all of our viewers and fans as well as the companies and workshops that support us, not just with advertising, but with both project cars and the events we do as well. Without support we can’t do what we do, and your help has helped make 2016 our biggest and aiming for an even bigger 2017. Firstly, here are a few stats to give you an idea:

Youtube videos uploaded:    144 

YouTube Video Views:    4.6 million   ( Up from 1.8million in 2015)

New Subscribers:    29,701    ( Lost 3,000)

Total Subscribers:    53,411    ( Doubled in 2016)

Project Cars Worked On:    6    ( Up from 3 )

Events Held:    3    ( Up from 1 )

Facebook Likes:    34,500    ( Up from 19,000 )

Although on DVD physical sales are no longer our primary focus, sales in 2016 were up from 2015 and the addition of being able to purchase them on Youtube helped expand the reach of Motive issues also. Overall our long term goal is to make Motive DVD free, but we can’t do this until our Youtube views get closer to 4 million a month, rather than 4 million a year. A while off yet, but we will get there, and everyone’s support in buying DVDs, sharing videos on Facebook and attending our events all helps.

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Goodbye to a car scene icon – Just Car Insurance closing down


Sad news made official yesterday is that Just Car Insurance will no longer be taking any new policies after the 13th of January 2017. You can get more info on what is happening here:

Just Car Insurance has played a pivotal part in the modified car scene, for two reasons. One, they have insured modified cars, young drivers and those with colourful histories, and two, they have provided huge sponsorship support to the industry. In fact, quite a few events and programs may not have existed without Just Car Insurance. They traded at, and sponsored, Autosalon when it was around and have been massive supporters of Jamboree, Powercruise, WTAC and plenty more. They supported Mighty Car Mods from the early days and our relationship with Just Car has been strong since we started.



Remember this ad? I doubt another insurance company will ever make something this cool and in tune with the car scene. Just Car also ran a heap of competitions and giveaway to their customers as well. Always giving something back! They also sponsored motorsport too, with a Just Car Insurance branded Commodore campaigning in the V8 Utes series.


Just Car believed in the dream and supported the Australian Drifting Grand Prix from even before the first event, and remained naming right sponsor the entire time. Without out their support, the series may not have happened at all, let alone lasted nearly 6 years.

Motive (67)

Just Car Insurance have also supported our events, including Drag Battle and GT-R Challenge as well as the GT-R Festival. Their support helped us grow what was once a little airport event into something monumental!


Just Car Insurance also sponsored Motive Garage and our Erubisu videos in 2016, which has helped us be able to afford to grow our Youtube channel immensely this year.


We have nothing but good memories of our time and relationship with Just Car Insurance and could write 100 articles about it, so we will just say this. Thank you for your support.





Lexus GSF – Split Personality


After reviewing the Lexus RCF last year, we where keen to give the 4-door big brother a whirl, as it was one of the most enjoyable cars we’ve ever driven. Many people get all caught up in specs and numbers, but Lexus has done a great job of building some “fun” and emotion into the car. There Lexus GSF was no exception. We had the car for a week, and enjoyed every second of it. Check out the Motive Quick Drive Segment below.

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Forza Horizon 3 Dream Machines “GODZILLA” Build Video – Motive Garage


To celebrate the launch of Forza Horizon 3 in Australia, the guys from Street FX were asked to build two Aussie icon “Dream Machines”. An R32 GT-R and a Holden HSV GTS were chosen, withe the goal being for them to go head to head at the Xbox Fan Fest and Forza Horizon 3 launch party. We were asked by StreetFX to help with the R32 build and film how it all went. Take a look at how it all went down here:

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StreetFX VR38 Toyota 86 Motive DVD “In The Build” Video


Incase you hadn’t noticed,our friends at StreetFX Motorsports and Graphics have been blowing up the internet with their VR38 powered Toyota 86 built by GT Auto Garage. It’s one of the craziest builds out there and has been happening alongside our VR38 powered R34 GT-R, Erubisu, build. The Albins 6-Speed sequential and Direct Clutch Services clutch was designed for both cars together. The 86 is rear wheel drive though, but will be shooting for over 1000hp as well. We caught up with Mark Trueno to have a chat and a closer look.

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ST Hi-Tec onboard as naming right sponsor of Motive Half Mile


We are proud to announce that ST Hi-Tec have come on board as the naming right sponsor for the 2016 Motive Half Mile event, being held at Stanthorpe Airport on October 1st. ST Hi-Tec are one of New Zealand’s top tuning shops and also supported the 2016 GT-R Festival, as they are specialists in the legendary Skyline and R35 GT-R models. To check out ST Hi-Tec, head to their website here: CLICK HERE

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Dom’s Monster 1000hp R34 Skyline GT-R with sequential box.

5 GT-Rs 2

Dominic Russo, the founder of Autostyle Performance Cars, is a icon and veteran of the GT-R tuning scene in Australia since the late 90s. He has imported, built, raced and owned some of the most influential and wild GT-Rs in Australia, such as TOF55T, FLYBY, DARDVL and FEERME R32 GT-Rs, a Mines R34 replica and a Top Secret R33 GT-R, just to name a few.

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FREE Motive DVD On YouTube – To Celebrate 10 million Channel Views

Performanvce West GT-R

To celebrate our YouTube Channel reaching 10 million channel vies and 46,000 subscribers this week, we are celebrating by giving away a free issue of Motive DVD online. Motive DVD #17 is a perfect example of what Motive DVD is all about, covering drift, drag, time attack and street cars. Event coverage, car features, project cars and more! We visit Powercruise Perth, go on an Antilog Cruise, Check out Track Battle Barbagallo Raceway, head to the SAU Nats and race JET200 and a whole lot more. How about a wide body Evo IX and a rear wheel drive R35 GT-R doing 5th gear Powerskids and drifting the track!

JET200 Wakefield 1

Jambo 2

Is This The World’s Dumbest Car Enthusiast?

dumb car owner

No doubt, we’ve met people that like to exaggerate how good their car is a little bit. Whether is is saying it has a few more hp, or few mods that it really does. But this guy takes it to a whole new level. It’s one thing to lie about the mods you have, but to get them just totally wrong and make claims that just aren’t even possible is going to get you in trouble. In this case, getting seen round the world as potentially the dumbest car enthusiast ever filmed. But is it really the world’s biggest bullshit artist,or, is it all an act or a prank? You decide


1000+HP R35 GT-R Showdown at Motive Half Mile!

R35 vs R35

When you receive entry forms for both Chris’s R35 GT-R and Aaron McGranahan’s R35 GT-R, you know things are going to get serious at the Motive Half Mile. Both pack well over 1000hp and are out to set some serious speed at Stanthorpe Airport on August 6th. Entries are now open to anyone and everyone for the Motive Half Mile. You can choose from 400m and 800m Roll Racing as well as standing half mile.

Entry forms and info available here:


2016 MOTIVE DVD DRAG BATTLE Runway Shootout available now on DVD, Blu Ray and Youtube

M28 Trailer Thumb

Motive DVD #28, with full coverage of the 2016 Just Car Insurance Drag Battle, is available now on DVD and Blu Ray from our online store for immediate delivery here: CLICK HERE

Motive DVD #28 contents nearly two hours of runway action. The first half is the solo runs some of the toughest street cars i the country with 4-cylidner AWD, 4-cylidner 2WD, 6-cylinder 2WD and V8 categories. The GT-R solo runs are featured in Motive DVD #27 as part of the GT-R Challenge. The second half shows the 2WD and the 4WD Drag Battle shootouts! There is also grudge runs, bloopers and more.

If you don’t want to wait, you can purchase Motive DVD #28 to view on our Youtube channel in full HD at the cheaper price of $9.99, and, pay no freight fees, saving you more money.