All issues of Motive DVD now available on Blu Ray!!



Yes, that’s right, you’re reading it correctly, we are now offering all Motive DVD Issues on Blu Ray for only $25! After being stuffed around by suppliers, we have purchased the equipment required to produce Blu Ray in house. Some issues are kept in stock while others are produced as demand requires, so please allow up to 72 hours production time before shipping. To order your Blu Ray copy, follow the link and simply choose which issue in the drop down menu.


Under the skin of JET200 – Brakes and Suspension

Before we put the exterior of JET200 together a month or so before WTAC, we spent a day filming under the skin of JET200. Part 1 was supposed to be engine and drivetrain, but changes since then means we will be re-filming it. So our first episode of “Under the Skin” of JET200 is about the suspension and brakes. NO fancy stuff here, just pure tech for those who want to know more. Enjoy.

Motive DVD #22 – Discount Pre Order now open!


Seeing as motive DVD #21 was slightly late, Motive DVD #022 is going to be early! Here is the trailer and discounted pre-orders are open now! Motive DVD #22 really does have it all. Drift, drag, circuit, street with everything from BMWs to Commodores to Lexus and all our favourite performance imports. Babes, boobs, bums, burnouts, mad events, cool car features and Hayley Swanson is in it! Even this trailer has it all, from Trent Whyte salsa dancing, to Mick’s view on modelling in Factory Xtreme and the world’s quickest and fastest radial tired GT-R. Wwatch till the very end. Discount pre order here:

JET Ver 4.0 Dyno Results

JET200 hit the dyne for the first time yesterday at Croydon Racing Developments. The engine set-up is same as previously except for the turbo and intercooler set-up. Our reason for changing was to look for more transient response and better spool up using newer technology than the old GReddy TDS06SH25G. We chose a 6Boost twin scroll exhaust manifold, Turbosmart 50mm external waste gate and a Garrett GTX3576R with .8 twin scroll T3 rear housing. CS Engineering also fabricated a new 3.5-inch exhaust and new shorter intercooler piping to match the XTR 300x600x100mm bar and plate intercooler.


Essentially our goal was to make at least the same power, but with better response, and we’ve certainly done that. The new combination makes the same power on 2psi less boost than the old set-up with more power everywhere in the rev range. The torque curve is quite different now with much more mid range torque, meaning we won’t need to rev the car to 8500 rpm anymore, more like 8000rpm making for better reliability. We tried running 30psi but only saw an extra 7kW from 4 psi so decide to leave it on 402kW at 26psi, which it makes easily. It is important to note that the GTX3576R is smaller than the old TD06, so it goes to show that a smaller turbo with modern technology, ball bearing and billet wheel is able to make the same power as a larger old school GReddy turbo while giving more mid range, lower boost threshold and better transient response.


We will test the car the way it is and if we need more power, and can utilise it, will look to upgrade to a GTX3582R and search for 450rwkW. Stay tuned for the first shakedown soon!




Motive DVD 2015 Tokyo Autosalon Tour – Expression of Interest








We are looking at putting together a 2015 Tokyo Autosalon Tour, incorporating visiting the show, local sights and sounds and visiting workshops. Before we do, we need to get an expression of interest of who would be not only willing to go but can afford it as well. The tour package price would be $3990. Deposit would be $500 due by end of September and full payment by end of November. Anyone interested needs to email ASAP so we can gauge interest.

Trip would look something like this:

 Thursday 8th January 2015

Depart Gold Coast Airport  -Flying Jetstar and arrive at 7pm and check into Makuhari Hotel which is waling distance to TAS

Friday 9th January 2015

Tokyo Autosalon VIP entry to Media Day 9am-5pm ( much quieter and enables to get all the good buys first and get old photos)

Coach take us to Daikoku Futo Carpark from 8pm-midnite with local guide

Saturday 10th January 2015

Tokyo Autosalon . Our contacts in Japan and our guide will allow us to get exclusive interviews and meet and greets with various tuners.

Sunday 11th January 2015

Check out of hotel and private coach will take us to various sights in Tokyo before checking into Shinigawa Prince Hotel. Group dinner at themed restaurant and then out on the town.

Monday 12th January 2015

Free day to visit and see whatever you like. The hotel is next to one of the biggest train stations in Japan so it is very easy to get anywhere and we will have various options laid out for people to look at.

Tuesday 13th January 2015

Workshop visits via private coach

Wednesday 14th January 2015

Check out of hotel  and then workshop visits via private coach

Then straight to airport to fly home. Depart 8:25pm

Thursday 15th January 2015

Flight arrives Gold Coast 0630


The possible workshops on our list to visit are:

Top Secret       Super Autobacs        Up Garage

Crystal       Nismo/Nissan HQ     Nissan Museum

Toyota Museum


The tour package includes:

Flights from Gold Coast to Japan return

Tranfers to and from hotel

Private coach for tours


Breakfast daily

Travel Insurance

Entry into Tokyo Autosalon

Translator guide as well as guest guide from in the tuning industry ( TBA )


Tour guests will need to pay for:

– Own transport to Gold Coast

– Lunch and Dinner

– Train tickets to go out at night

– Entry into any landmarks


We have worked to put together a package that helps make the most of Japan. The language barrier and difficulty of getting around makes it hard to visit multiples places in a day, but with the use of a private coach, you can relax and take in the sight and visit more workshops per day than possible by train or hire car. Our own personal guide from in the tuning industry means we will have access to more cool stuff to see and do, and get to meet more people from in the industry. The first hotel is walking distance from TAS, meaning you can return when you wish for a rest, or to drop off the parts you’ve just bought! The second hotel has English Speaking staff, restaurants nearby and the train station gives easy access to all of Tokyo.


The package also allows the package to be paid off once a deposit has been made. This does increase the cost of flights slightly, but easier overall. Peak snow season and Christmas Holidays does make this the most expensive time to visit Japan. Being on a tour also means you get to hang out with and party with like minded people.
The total cost of the tour is $3990 AUD incl GST


Here are some videos from the DSPORT Magazine Tour, which is similar in concept.